I make Moodle plugins. Sometimes I make WordPress plugins too. I make other software as well, such as Course Assembler, and the To Scorm products. I’m really frustrated with the way that WordPress has this ecosystem of plugins that entice you to buy premium versions. I tend to make software that is free or low cost.

Moodle has an ecosystem of plugins that vary in quality and functionality. Moodle have an “official” ecosystem of plugins through their plugins directory, but the ecosystem is much larger if you take into account plugins that aren’t in the directory, such as the many on GitHub, and the “frowned upon” premium ecosystems of plugins such as those sold through Code Canyon and its ilk.

I don’t have the time or inclination to publish and maintain plugins through the moodle ecosystem. I make a lot of plugins, some useful, some oddly specific.

This is my personal moodle plugin repository where I try to talk about the reasoning behind my plugins and to be able to show them off.