A filter, useful in a page or block, for showing and storing a button state (once). Such as when you want to enter a draw, or vote for one thing. Probably not a lot of use-cases for this one.

html can go here before


Put in the stuff you want to appear when the button hasn't been pushed

[[ENTERDRAW:BUTTON The button text goes here]]


Your vote counts! Get your socks on, it's going to be a wild ride.


html can go here too

Logs an event when the user clicks the button, and stores the state in the user preferences.

How does the user or the teacher reset or unsubmit the link? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The ‘One Topic’ course format displays one topic at a time, with each topic appearing as a tab

The ‘Topic Activity Cards’ course format displays activities as cards.

What if we were to smoosh them together? What if you wanted:

  • Tabs to appear on mobile but not on desktop and have one of those hamburger menu things to show the sections?
  • An picture for each activity (not an icon) that you could pull from (say) the activity description, or a custom field? Or turn off the icon for each activity and just have raw links?
  • Some way to list TAGS for each activity, rather than the ‘tag cloud’ block? Or some way of listing custom fields that might be defined for activity modules?
  • Other semi-useful features like bookmarking activites using a star, different shape tile layouts, too many options?

Well, you would have OneTopicPlus: