for when ‘guest’ access just isn’t quite enough.

This is a moodle auth plugin to log in as an anonymous user who is then able to interact and save data without being identifiable. It is intended to be used when paired with courses containing a survey, feedback form, or other self-assessment-type activity.

About the Guest role

The guest role is great. It lets you expose courses or pages as if you were logged on. You can interact with items, watch videos, whatever. But at no point will the underlying system let you save anything at all back to the database. It’s a read-only role.


it’s available on my github.

Open Sesame

Send in the [encrypted] user id, the user will be logged on and the first course this user is enrolled in will open. Handy for launching courses from an external management portal.


WordPress 2 Moodle takes users who are registered in your WordPress database and creates them, on-demand, in your Moodle server. It does not use web services or a shared database. Your sites can be running on different servers & platforms, with or without https, and without impacting your existing Moodle users.

You can optionally enrol users into courses, groups and cohorts.

All via a simple shortcode.

Moodle is configured to update profile fields each time, open the course or url, and logs on using the email field as the common identifier.

downloading the plugin

You can download the plugin for your WordPress and Moodle installation on my github page. The same zip file works in both WordPress and Moodle.


Here is what you need to do.

  1. Register for the site (or log in). Use a fake account if you like.
  2. Make sure you add a firstname and lastname to the profile. Moodle requires these fields.
  3. Click on one of the shortcodes to launch courses in various configurations. These hyperlinks are targetted at a new tab/window.

Once you are logged in, the following text will contain links that register you in my example Moodle site and log you in. Further courses and instructions are also available on my Moodle site.

Cohort enrolment: Enrol via Cohort then come back here and click the following link to open a particular activity within a course you are already enrolled in: Open activity.

Course enrolment: Enrol in Blue group in a course.

Url only: No enrolment is specified with this link but a custom URL is set to open after you are logged on. Custom URL.

This text has changed.

Also try coming back and editing your profile fields then trying the links again. The details should be passed across to Moodle and updated.

licence + premium + support

Dual Licence MIT + GPL3. This software contains no premium / paid content. Please raise any problems as issues on the github site.