arid theme

a moodle 3.11+ Boost ‘extension’ theme that turns off all the navigation, blocks, breadcrumbs and plugin outputs (alerts, notifications). for use when you want to show a single-activity type course (often a page, survey, or custom activity type) without any of the standard design.

it is expected that this is a course or category-specific theme, not a site theme.


Boost Campus Extra

Moodle themes are pretty restricted. Boost, the buiit-in theme is highly opinionated and won’t let you change very much at all. Boost Campus was created to address some of Boost’s many shortcomings, as was Boost Navigation Fumbling, which lets you edit the menus and navigation items. Boost Campus Extra is a little place to tweak all the shortcomings of Boost Campus such as being able to show the “big” logo for a site, and give more context to CSS rules.