Course Tiles

A default Moodle installation makes some bold assumptions about the way the site will be used – such as the default Dashboard. This page is useful after a user has been enrolled in a course. Without being enrolled, the standard blocks on the screen show no relevant information to users.

This block seeks to amend that shortcoming. It renders all available courses, optionally including a category-based menu to simplify navigating or exploring courses as a catalogue.

It differs from the default moodle dashboard in that it will list courses that you may or may not be enrolled in. It’s intended to allow users to quickly gain insight as to which courses are available and give them options for enrolling. For admins, it provides a few quick shortcuts to common areas within each course such as the edit screen and user enrolment pages.

It also can show a status against courses – such as a price, and enrolment or completion status. It picks this up either through the Paypal price for the course (if that enrolment type is enabled for the course), or a price custom attribute for the course, or a default value.


you can download this block from my GitHub page.

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