enrol token

The Enrol Token plugin is an enrolment provider for Moodle that allows a passcode to be generated that allows a user to gain access to a course or cohort.

How is this different to an access password? Enrolment tokens are aware of how many times they have been used. You can create one or more tokens that can each be used once or hundreds of times. Simple IP-based protection stops brute-force methods of trying to guess token codes, which are randomly generated.

Simple reports let you see who used each token, and how many places (“seats”) remain on each token.

downloading the plugin

You can download this plugin by visiting my GitHub page. Further instructions are available there.


This demonstration first uses my wp2moodle plugin to log you on to my demonstration Moodle site. You will need to register here on my WordPress site to begin (it’s ok if you want to use a made-up account). If you prefer to register independently on the Moodle site, please click here to visit the site. The link below will open in a new tab or window.

Once you have opened the link copy one of the tokens from below and enter it into the token field. These tokens are each good for 100 uses each, so if you get a warning mentioning the token is expired, just come back and choose a different one.

[ insert the token table here ]

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