The ‘One Topic’ course format displays one topic at a time, with each topic appearing as a tab

The ‘Topic Activity Cards’ course format displays activities as cards.

What if we were to smoosh them together? What if you wanted:

  • Tabs to appear on mobile but not on desktop and have one of those hamburger menu things to show the sections?
  • An picture for each activity (not an icon) that you could pull from (say) the activity description, or a custom field? Or turn off the icon for each activity and just have raw links?
  • Some way to list TAGS for each activity, rather than the ‘tag cloud’ block? Or some way of listing custom fields that might be defined for activity modules?
  • Other semi-useful features like bookmarking activites using a star, different shape tile layouts, too many options?

Well, you would have OneTopicPlus:

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