Rapid User Creation block

This block creates and optionally enrols/groups users. It’s designed to be a simple way to enter the bare essentials of a user record without having to spend time in the [sometimes slow] internal user creation screens.

It has some time-savers for user creation.

  • Users with the same email address as existing users will be skipped.
  • Usernames are set to the email address.
  • Passwords are generated and sent to the user if an option is set. Otherwise the password is set to ‘secret’ and the user record is set so the user has to change their password on the next login.

You can also optionally enrol a user into a course. Only courses with the ‘manual’ enrolment plugin are shown.

If you specify any value in the Organisation field, it will set the users Institution to that value and also create a group within the course (if a course is specified) with the organisation name – or re-use an existing one – and make the user a member of that group.


You can download this plugin on my Github page.

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